About Us

Our business has been operating since 1994. Manufacturing a wide range of lighting and other products for example fabricated sheet metal goods, fireplace fenders, estate gates and curtain poles in the retail and commercial sectors.

Our speciality is working closely with architects, engineers and designers, resolving manufacturing and design problems resulting in successful construction outcomes whilst meeting budget and deadline requirements. We have experience in using various materials including, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, wood, leather, wrought iron, brass, copper, ceramic, glass, plastics and fabrics etc.

One of the projects we are currently working on is the development of chandeliers (particularly for religious buildings) incorporating lighting and infra-red heating in one decorative and in-keeping rather than functional unit, we are designing these lights in both traditional and modern styles. By using infra-heat and LED lights, we aim to make the building heated and lit in an ecologically sound fashion.

Recently the Disney Corporation commissioned our company to develop a designer’s sketches into a workable design to construct large modern lighting units for a major retail outlet in Florence. These units were fabricated using aluminium sheet, aluminium tube and fitted with LED lighting, specifically to create a chandelier of large proportions without being too heavy to impact on the 16th century ceiling while lighting the room in an environmentally friendly way.

Our products have been designed and manufactured solely in Great Britain for overseas markets incorporating the various electrical wiring requirements eg. U.S.A. and Europe.

Our products have been exported to 18 countries worldwide so far. Major clients include large hotel chains such as Trident hotels in India, government buildings, educational establishments,  stately homes and castles, high profile individuals including Premiership footballers and actors.

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