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Modern Low ceiling semi-flush fitting Diameter: 70 cm Height: 15 cm The Orchard Range ..
Modern Low ceiling semi-flush fitting Diameter:90 cm Height: 15 cm The Orchard Range ..
Ambleside/1 Chain pendant
Chain Shade Pendant 507/1 Diameter: 20 cm Height: 30 cm The Ambleside Range. A unique..
Art Deco/8 contemporary pendant light
Contemporary Pendant Light 460/8  Diameter: 84 cm Height: 67cm The Art Deco Rang..
Atlas/7 Modern pendant
Art Deco Pendant 860/7 Diameter: 120 cm Height: 120 cm The Atlas Range. This is a lar..
Barcelona/4 Mirror and metal Pendant
Mirror and Steel Pendant 911/4 Diameter: 70 cm Height: 25 cm Part of our new Barcelon..
Chelsea/5 Modern pendant chandelier
Modern style pendant chandelier 315/5 Diameter: 46 cm Height: 46 cm The Chelsea Range..
Chelsea/9 modern wheel pendant chandelier
Modern wheel Pendant Chandelier 680/9 Diameter: 120 cm Height: 90 cm The Chelsea Rang..
Crucible/2 Snooker Light
Chrome Snooker Light Length: 100cm Height 60cm The Crucible Range, snooker light perf..
Contemporary Glass Pendant 324/1 Diameter: 20 cm Height: 30 cm The Docklands Range. H..
Docklands/1 Black glass pendant
Contemporary Glass Pendant 325/1 Diameter: 20 cm Height: 30 cm The Docklands Range.&n..
Edwardian/5 Edwardian Chandelier
Edwardian Chandelier 890/5 Diameter: 45 cm Height: 50 cm The Morgana Range is hand-ma..
Europa/1 Art Deco chandelier
Art Deco Chandelier Diameter: 44 cm Height: 50 cm The Europa Range. Laser cut shapes ..
Europa/16 Art Deco Pendant Chandelier
Art Deco Pendant Chandelier 500/16 Diameter: 130 cm Height: 190 cm The Euro..
Falklands/3 Polished steel pendant light
Polished Steel Pendant Light 517/3  Diameter: 68 cm Height: 70 cm The Falkl..
Gawain/5 Spiral chandelier
Modern style Chandelier 888/5 Diameter: 50 cm Height: 45 cm The Gawain Range. Of our ..
GLH Red Large
Wine Glass Chandelier Diameter:55cm Height:50cm The Glass Holder Range ..
Harlequin/5 Modern pendant chandelier
Modern Pendant Light 275/5 Width: 45 cm Height: 40 cm The Harlequin Range. One of our..
Loire/5 Modern chandelier
Modern Chandelier. 375/5 Diameter:  56 cm Height: 48 cm The Loire Range. This is..
Marston/6 hand painted chandelier
Hand-painted Chandelier 605/6 Diameter:65 cm Height: 68 cm The Marston Range. This pa..
Morgana/3 Edwardian Chandelier
Edwardian Chandelier 890/3 Diameter: 45 cm Height: 50 cm The Morgana Range. Hand craf..
Orchard/3 Low ceiling semi flush light
Low ceiling semi-flush fitting 1978/3 Diameter: 55 cm Height: 15 cm The Orchard Range..
Oxford/3 Contemporary Mirror Pendant
Contemporary Mirror Light 265/3 Width: 25 cm Height: 35 cm The Oxford Range. Using mi..
Stable/1 pendant shade
Metal Pendant Shade 700/1 Diameter: 39 cm Height: 28 cm The Stable Range. A spun meta..
Toledo/9 Modern ceiling light
Modern style Pendant 967/9 Diameter: 110 cm Height: 90 cm The Toledo Range. This ceil..
Windermere/1 steel shade pendant
/teel Shade Pendant  Diameter: 30 cm Height: 70 cm The Windermere Range ..
Ainstree/8 Contemporary pendant chandelier
Contemporary hand made pendant chandelier 832/8 Height: 44cm Diameter: 84cm   ..
Archimedes/5 orb style chandelier
Orb style Chandelier 710/5 Diameter: 60 cm Height: 65 cm The Archimedes Range. An cla..
Ascot/1 Metal pendant shade
Modern Pendant Shade Diameter: 31cm Height: 16cm The Ascot Range. This range is our s..
Atlas/5 Modern chandelier
Art Deco Modern Chandelier Diameter: 50cm Height; 55cm The Atlas Range. The Atlas ..
Baobab/14 Contemporary wrought iron chandelier
Contemporary Wrought Iron Chandelier Pendant 368/14 Diameter 140cm Height 55cm  ..
Baobab/28 Contemporary wrought iron chandelier
Contemporary Wrought Iron Chandelier Pendant 368/28   Diameter 140cm Height 70cm..
Birmingham/8 wrought iron pendant
Wrought Iron traditional pendant chandelier 955/8 Height: 45cm Diameter: 80cm The Bir..
Brandenburg/18 contemporary wheel chandelier
Contemporary Wheel Chandelier complete with Antique Bulbs 615/18   Diameter: 100 cm ..
Chelsea/6 modern wheel pendant chandelier
Modern wheel pendant chandelier 680/6   Height: Diameter:   The Chelsea..
Cheshire/6 contemporary forged steel pendant
Contemporary forged steel pendant chandelier 445/6   Diameter: 53 cm   ..
Cleaopatra contemporary wheel chandelier
Contemporary Designer Chandelier 800 Diameter 200cm Height 30cm The Cleopatra Range. ..
Conservatory/3 pendant light
Traditional conservatory style Pendant light 502/3 Diameter: 40cm Height: 35cm The Co..
Deauville/6 Modern pendant chandelier
1090/6 Modern Pendant.  Diameter: 60 cm Height: 80 cm The Deauville Range is..
East India/3 Hessian and anchor chain pendant
Hessian and Wrought Iron Pendant shade light 329/3   Height Diameter   ..
Europa/24 Art Deco Chandelier
Art Deco Pendant Chandelier 500/24 Diameter: 180 cm Height: 230 cm The Europa Range.&..
Gawain/12 Spiral Chandelier
Modern style spiral Chandelier 888/12 Diameter: 120 cm Height: 80 cm The Gawain Range..
GLH Silver
Wine Glass Holder Height: 46cm Diameter: 46cm The Glass Holder Range ..
Lancastrian/1 Forged steel pendant light
Forged steel pendant light 408/1   Diameter: 20 cm   The Lancastrian ra..
Madrid/5 Contemporary Wrought Iron Chandelier
Contemporary Wrought Iron Chandelier 271/5 Diameter: 84cm Height: 50cm The Madrid Ran..
Madrid/505 contemporary chandelier
Modern, contemporary chandelier pendant   Height: Diameter:   The Madri..
Paris/5 modern art deco chandelier
Modern Art Deco style Chandelier Height: 57 cm Diameter: 71 cm The Paris Range. This ..
Pembroke/8 designer pendant chandelier
Designer Pendant Chandelier 465/8 Diameter 80cm Height 60cm The Pembroke Range. Desig..
Perpignan/5 modern style chandelier
Modern style Pendant 570/5 Diameter:53cm Height:43cm The Perpignan Range. Mild steel ..
Sevenoaks/16 contemporary metal and glass chandelier
Contemporary Metal Chandelier 399/16 Diameter: 240 cm Height: 80 cm The Sevenoaks Ran..
Sevenoaks/18 contemporary metal and glass chandelier
Contemporary Metal Chandelier 399/18 Diameter: 180 cm Height: 50 cm The Sevenoaks Ran..
St Andrews/5 modern wrought iron chandelier
Modern Wrought Iron Chandelier 450/5   Height: 48cm Diameter:  70cm with shades..
Toeldo/5 Modern ceiling light
Modern simple style pendant chandelier 967/9 Height: 45 cm Diameter: 50 cm The Toledo..
Verre/1 Metal and Glass LED pendant
Contemporary Glass and Metal LED pendant. Width: 25cm Height: 21cm The Verre Range. T..
Westby/18 contemporary wrought iron chandelier
Contemporary Wrought Iron Pendant Chandelier 744/18 Diameter 100cm Height 120cm The W..
Westby/6 contemporary wrought iron pendant chandelier
Contemporary Wrought Iron Pendant Chandelier 744/6 Diameter 50cm Height 50cm The West..


Modern wrought iron chandeliers, ceiling pendants brass chandeliers and mirror lights are all designed and MADE IN BRITAIN by Avalon Design Lighting Ltd.

All of our modern & contemporary chandelier lighting offers exceptional value for money being made to the highest quality by our skilled craftsmen.

Glass, crystal, chrome, aluminium, steel, wrought iron and even plastic are just some of the materials used to make the large range of designs in our modern Ceiling Lights range. We also specialise in bespoke commissions or can alter an existing design to your specific requirements. Ideally suited for period properties, traditional homes, barn conversions and country cottages. Extra long chains are available for properties with high or vaulted ceilings.

Each light fitting is designed and hand finished by skilled craftsmen with an eye for detail, pre-wired and tested in accordance with the latest European Standards. All our light fittings are now available with high efficiency, low energy LED bulbs.

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