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Esher/6 Gothic Chandelier
Gothic Pendant Chandelier  920/6 Height: 70cm Width: 70cm The Esher range. A cha..
Ex Tax: £440.00
Gaia/6 Wrought Iron Kitchen Light
Wrought Iron Kitchen light 954/6 Height: 60cm Diameter: 75cm The Gaia Range made in t..
Ex Tax: £450.00
Galahad/10 wrought iron and English Oak chandelier
Wrought Iron/Wooden Cartwheel 554/10 Diameter: 120cm Height: 26cm The Galahad Range. ..
Ex Tax: £995.00
Glastonbury/4 Oak and wrought iron cartwheel
Oak & Wrought Iron Cartwheel 555/4 Length: 45 cm Height: 30 cm The Glastonbury Ra..
Ex Tax: £350.00
Glastonbury8 Oak and wrought iron cartwheel light
Oak & Wrought Iron Cartwheel 555/8 Length: 90 cm Height: 30 cm The Glastonbury Ra..
Ex Tax: £750.00
H Potter/10 Wrought Iron Pendant
Wrought Iron Pendant 880/10 Diameter: 110 cm Height: 80 cm The H Potter Range. This i..
Ex Tax: £1,150.00
H Potter/8 Wrought iron Pendant
/rought Iron Pendant 880/8 Diameter: 90 cm Height: 70cm The H Potter Range. Mild stee..
Ex Tax: £775.00
Hadrian/8 Solid brass cartwheel
Traditional Brass Cartwheel Light 595/8 Height 30cm Diameter 90cm The Hadrian Range. ..
Ex Tax: £850.00
Hampstead/3 Birdcage Chandelier
Italian style Chandelier 897/3 Height:49cm Width:49cm The Hampstead Range. Fabricated..
Ex Tax: £135.00
Hampstead/5 Birdcage Chandelier
Italian style Chandelier 897/5 Height:49cm Width:49cm The Hampstead Range. Manufactur..
Ex Tax: £195.00
Hampstead/8 Brass Pendant Chandelier
Traditional Brass Pendant Chandelier 897/8 Diameter: 85cm Height 85cm The Hampstead R..
Ex Tax: £750.00
Hamsptead/6 Birdcage Chandelier
Italian style Chandelier 897/6   Height:75cm   Width:70cm   ..
Ex Tax: £330.00
Heck/3 Wrought Iron Cartwheel Pendant
Wrought Iron Cartwheel Pendant 924/3 Height 25cm Diameter 45cm The Heck Range. This i..
Ex Tax: £185.00
Heck/8 Wrought Iron cartwheel
Wrought Iron Cartwheel Pendant 924/8 Height 25cm Diameter 90cm The Heck Range. A plai..
Ex Tax: £530.00
Lancelot/12 Gothic pendant cartwheel chandelier
Gothic Cartwheel pendant chandelier 2997/12   Length: 180 cm   Width: 9..
Ex Tax: £1,400.00




Our traditional range of wrought iron, brass and steel chandeliers is based on authentic designs throughout the ages; medieval, gothic, period and classical. Some designs, although still traditional have been given a contemporary twist for the more modern home.

Ideally suited for traditional homes, country cottages, traditional homes & barn conversions. Different chain lengths can be spcified for properties with vaulted or high ceilings.

Our range of traditional wrought iron lighting is hand crafted by us in Lincolnshire & as members of the Guild of Mastercraftsmen you can be assured of quality. Each Avalon Design light is hand finished by skilled craftsmen with an eye for detail, wired and tested in accordance with the latest European Standards.

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