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Antique style Chandelier Diameter: 70 cm Height: 30 cm The Viterbo Range ..
Cotswold/12 Medieval chandelier
Medieval Chandelier 845/12 Diameter:75 cm Height: 110 cm The Cotswold Range, almost l..
Elizabethan/2 Gothic Wall Light
Gothic Wall Light Width: 40 cm Height: 32 cm Projection: 16 cm The Elizabethan Ra..
Esher/4 Gothic Floorlight
Gothic Floor Light 920/4FL Height: 130cm Width:50cm The Esher Range. Ideal for church..
Fleur de Lys/24 Traditional cartwheel pendant
Traditional Cartwheel Pendant Light 854/24 Diameter: 120 cm Height: 120 cm The Fleur ..
Limoges/12 Medieval Chandelier
Medieval Chandelier 947/12 Diameter: 100 cm Height: 150 cm The Limoges Range. A large..
Plantagenet/3 Wrought Iron Wall Light
Wrought Iron Wall Light 1167/3 Width: 40 cm Height: 40 cm Projection: 20 cm The P..
Wrought Iron Pendant Diameter: 65 cm Height: 60 cm The Snowdon range ..
Rutland/1 Medieval Wall Light
Medieval Wall Light 951/1 Width: 4 cm Height: 45 cm Projection: 18 cm The Rutland..
Sheild Wall light Torch
Designer Wall Torch Width: 14 cm Height: 20 cm Projection: 18 cm The Shield Range..
Tintagel/12 wrought iron chandelier
Wrought Iron Chandelier 650/12 Diameter: 120 cm Height: 120 cm The Tintagel Rang..
Wrought Iron Cartwheel Light 974/12  Diameter: 90 cm Height: 300 cm The&nb..
Medieval Cartwheel Chandelier Diameter: 110 cm Height: 70 cm The Frejus Range ..
Medieval Cartwheel Chandelier Diameter: 60 cm Height: 40 cm The Frejus Range ..
Brecon/14 Wrought Iron and Candle Cartwheel Pendant
Wrought Iron and candle cartwheel pendant 120/14 Diameter: 80 cm Height: 80 cm The Br..
Brecon/22 Wrought Iron and Candle Cartwheel Pendant
Wrought Iron and candle cartwheel pendant 110/22 Length: 210 cm Height: 100 cm Width:..
Citadel/1 Medieval wall light
Medieval Wall Light 822/1 Width - 20cm Height - 16cm Projection - 15cm The Citade..
Citadel/5 Medieval chandelier pendant
Medieval Pendant Chandelier 822/5 Height:34cm Diameter: 66cm The Citadel Range. This ..
Citadel/6 medieval pendant chandelier
Medieval Oblong Pendant Chandelier 822/6 Height:22cm Length: 60cm The Citadel Range. ..
Citadel/8 Medieval pendant chandelier
Medieval Pendant Chandelier 822/8 Height:22cm Diameter: 85cm The Citadel Range. A lar..
Coniston/8 Victorian style wrought iron chandelier
Victorian Style Wrought Iron Chandelier 775/8 Diameter: 73cm Height: 75cm   ..
Dartmoor/2 wrought iron wall light
Wrought iron Wall Light 387/2 Width: 31 cm Height: 31 cm Projection: 14 cm The Da..
Elizabethan/3 Gothic Wall Light
Gothic Wall Light 1152/3 Width: 45 cm Height: 45cm Projection: 16 cm The Elizabet..
Fortress 752/1 Torch Light
Traditional Torch Light 752/1 Width: 13 cm Height: 70 cm The Fortress Range. A plain ..
H Potter/10 Wrought Iron Pendant
Wrought Iron Pendant 880/10 Diameter: 110 cm Height: 80 cm The H Potter Range. This i..
Lancelot/12 Gothic pendant cartwheel chandelier
Gothic Cartwheel pendant chandelier 2997/12   Length: 180 cm   Width: 9..
Lancelot/18 gothic cartwheel pendant chandelier
Gothic Cartwheel pendant chandelier 2997/18   Length: 180 cm   Width: 9..
Lancelot/6 Gothic cartwheel pendant chandelier
Gothic Cartwheel pendant chandelier 2997/6   Length: 120 cm   Width: 60..
Saxony/8 Gothic chandelier
Gothic Chandelier 715/8 Diameter: 90 cm Height: 60 cm  The Saxony Range. The most tr..
Toulouse Torch Wall Light
Fleur de Lys Torch Wall Light 892 Height: 62cm Projection: 26cm Width: 16cm The T..
Tudor/3 Gothic Wall Light
Gothic 3 arm Wrought Iron Wall Light 1120/3 Width - 20cm   Height - 40cm &nb..

The Avalon Design Lighting range of Gothic Lighting is manufactured entirely by us here near Stamford, Lincolnshire, Britain.

We offer traditional, period, contemporary and modern Gothic wall light and chandelier designs. Many of our Gothic lights incorporate glass shades of various sizes, we also manufacture a range of lamp shades in numerous colours and a variety of fabrics. Ideally suited for period properties, traditional homes, barn conversions and country cottages. Chains of extra length can be ordered for properties with high or vaulted ceilings.

Our wall lights can be matched with torchieres, chandeliers, floor lamps, ceiling lights, lanterns and table lights. All our Gothic lights are now available with low energy, high efficiency, LED bulbs.

Each light fitting is designed and hand finished by skilled craftsmen with an eye for detail, pre-wired and tested in accordance with the latest European Standards.


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