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How to Create a Gothic Interior

If you dream of having a striking and dramatic gothic style room in your home but are scared of turning your home into a dark and dingy dungeon then don’t worry!  It is entirely possible to create a tasteful and beautiful gothic inspired room without painting everything black.

A lot of people associate the term ‘gothic’ with pale teenagers dressed in black and wearing heavy black eye makeup.  When you’re looking for inspiration for your room it’s important to stop associating the word gothic with this sub-culture and instead research gothic architecture, fashion and style.

Black is the colour associated with the word gothic.  Remember that this isn’t the only colour that looks great in gothic interiors.  Deep shades of colours like purple, red and emerald green all look great in gothic inspired rooms.

The secret to creating a tasteful gothic inspired room is to not go overboard. Use gothic accessories to accentuate the theme but don’t overdo it!


If you are planning or using striking accessories and deep colours then it is best to keep your walls fairly pale and neutral in order to keep your room from looking dark and dingy.  If you are really set on using a dark or deep colour on your wall then keep it to just one feature wall in the room.


To keep in with your gothic theme use old and ornate furniture in your room.  For a tasteful finish choose good quality, solid, dark woods like Walnut or Mahogany .


When you’re adding textiles and textures to your gothic inspired room you need to be thinking thick and luxurious.  Thick rugs, layered deep coloured throws, velvet and lace will all complement a gothic theme.


The lighting in your room is extremely important as it can make or break your carefully thought out decor.  Don’t choose lighting that is too harsh or bright as you want to feel relaxed and cosy in your room.  There are lots of gothic lighting solutions available from interior design stores and lighting specialists like Avalon Design Lighting.  Choose silver or black wrought iron chandeliers for maximum impact, the more extravagant, ornate and decorative your gothic lighting is the better the effect will be.


Dark metal also looks great in gothic inspired rooms, go for heavy iron or dark, worn, antiqued silver or pewter accessories like candlesticks, photo and picture frames, clocks, ornaments and trinket boxes.  The more detailed and ornate the items are the better.

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