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Choose the Right Lighting

Lighting can make or break an interior so it’s important to think carefully about the type of lighting you use throughout your home.

Lights can be bought in a huge range of different styles to complement your home’s interior.  But it’s not just the appearance of the lighting that you choose that matters; it’s the ambience that the lighting creates too.

The type of lighting that you choose will play a large part in deciding your interior’s mood or ambience.  In this blog we’ll explore the things that you should ask yourself before purchasing lighting for your interior.

What do I use the room for?

The type of lighting that you need depends on what room you’re buying for and what you most frequently use that room for.  If you’re lighting a room like your home office or your kitchen you will probably need a brighter light than you would for your sitting room or bedroom.  Think about whether you need to create a relaxing ambience or whether you need a more practical, brightly lit room.

Which type of lighting?

The different types of lighting available can be divided into roughly three different categories, ambient, task and accent.

Ambient lighting is most appropriate for rooms you want to relax in like the sitting room or bedroom.  They usually come in the form of ceiling lights, wall lights and recessed lights; they are probably the most common type of lighting.

Accent lighting is used to highlight a certain area of feature of a room.  This could be a piece of artwork, shelving, a cabinet or anything else you wish to draw the eye too.  Accent lighting isn’t really very practical; instead its purpose is to create effect or interest in a room.

Task lighting is the most practical type of lighting as it is used to light an area brightly to allow a task to easily be performed.  Task lighting could be strip lights over a kitchen worktop, a spotlight lamp in an office or a bedroom reading lamp.

Remember that you don’t need to pick just one type of lighting and stick to it, most interiors layer different types of lighting in each room.  Don’t forget to choose light bulbs with the right voltage, bulbs with a lower voltage are best suited to ambient lighting and choose high voltage bulbs for task lighting.

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