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Elegant Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Many traditional chandeliers are made of wrought iron. Not only is the material durable, it is aesthetically-pleasing and makes as striking visual impact to any room. The process of crafting such elegant fixtures is not as simple as you may think. Here is a guide to what you need to know about wrought iron chandeliers.

Wrought iron becomes easily malleable when heated. This is because the material features low carbon content. This process of heating is known as foraging. Steam iron and handheld hammers are used to shape the metal, creating uniquely elegant and distinctive chandeliers. However, wrought iron isn’t strictly limited to chandelier design.

Modified iron designs create spectacularly distinctive, beautiful and sturdy fixtures and furnishings. Wrought iron is different to steel. The material consists of minute iron silicate fragments, blended together. This is more commonly known as ‘slag.’ The slag significantly alters the chemical make-up the iron sufficiently enough to make a new metal. When corrosion occurs the metal becomes visibly discoloured. This is known as rust.

There are several different types of wrought iron shapes and styles of chandeliers. The most prominent designs are ring, lantern, armed and famed.

Armed Chandeliers

Armed chandeliers have metal arms that extend from the central shaft. Some armed chandeliers are more basic, whereas others are more elaborate in design with numerous bespoke elements. Those chandeliers with unique design elements tend to have curls and swirls as prominent design elements. Such chandeliers feature candle shaped bulbs on each arm and offer consumers the choice of including lampshades.

Lantern or Box Shaped Chandeliers

These chandeliers are designed as a throwback to those old-style candlelit lanterns. Bulbs in the shape of candles are often included in the box section of the chandelier. These chandeliers can be fixed with metallic features and trims on any facet of the chandelier.

Iron Chandeliers

Typically used in dining areas of the home, iron chandeliers add a touch of traditional prestige. However, they add this air of rustic design to any room they are displayed. Their dark, coppery, metallic appearance can create a stark contrast against brick, stone, wood or plaster.

Wrought iron chandeliers make great additions to any interior, or even exterior, environment. Those looking for that signature fixture or fitting need look no further than wrought iron chandeliers.

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